Building a Brand New Website

It might just be that time! Let’s get you & your business ahead of the curve for the next 5-10 years.

Your new website consists of 3 different steps:

  • Domain Name and Website Software Installation (Setting up the main guts of everything)
  • Your First Page and Website Theme Setup (Setting up the actual looks of your site and the first page)
  • Additional Basic Pages

Every new site includes the following:

  • Company Logo
  • Company Title
  • Basic Images & Text
  • Basic Contact Form

After your new basic website is live, additional functionality & support is available under our Existing Website Support.

Your new website will also need what is called “Web Hosting” which keeps your website online 24/7. We provide FREE Web Hosting with our Basic Website Management Plan.

New Website Support

New Website Build Step 1: Software Installation & Domain Setup $479.95
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New Website Build Step 2: Theme Setup & Your First Page $479.95
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New Website Build Step 3: Each Additional Basic Page $479.95
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