New Website Support – Building a Brand New Website

It might just be that time! Let’s get you & your business ahead of the curve for the next 5-10 years.

Your new website consists of 3 different steps:

  • Domain Name and Website Software Installation (Setting up the main guts of everything)
  • Your First Page and Website Theme Setup (Setting up the actual looks of your site and the first page)
  • Additional Basic Pages

Every new site includes the following:

  • Company Logo
  • Company Title
  • Basic Images & Text
  • Basic Contact Form

After your new basic website is live, additional functionality & support is available under our Existing Website Support.

Your new website will also need what is called “Web Hosting” which keeps your website online 24/7. We provide FREE Web Hosting with our Basic Website Management Plan.

New Website Support (20% Off for All Clients with Website Management Plan)

Website Coaching Program – Save on Website Costs with an Experienced Advisor for Your Website

Unable to invest in an Expensive Web Developer or SEO & Marketing Expert for your business? Welcome to our newest program, our Website Coaching Program. Just like a fitness coach… Just like a business coach… But focused completely on your website and how you can keep building better search results. You already know that your business relies on your website. You already know that you can grow your business just by bringing in more leads online… But how do you do this? Hire out all the expensive work? Not at all. Simply start here with Simple Web Help.

Your website is built, but you have some small issues with some pages you want to fix… Let’s clean it up together. You aren’t sure if this is the best way to set up your website… Let’s make it better together. Is Google looking at your website? How does SEO apply to your business? How can you bring in more website traffic?

We are training you and guiding you to become better educated about your own website and how to create better search results, and better experiences for your visitors without spending a fortune on Web Developers and SEO Marketing Experts. You choose how much time we invest into your website, and you are more than welcome to cancel at any time:

$74.95 / week and a $49.95 sign-up fee
$149.95 / week and a $49.95 sign-up fee
$74.95 / month and a $49.95 sign-up fee
$149.95 / month and a $49.95 sign-up fee

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