I Already Have a Website… Why do Web Design Companies Suggest Building a Brand New Website?

I Already Have a Website... Why do Web Design Companies Suggest Building a Brand New Website?

Website companies often suggest building a brand new website for the following reasons:

  • The existing website environment may be more of a nightmare to step into, versus just building something new.
  • The existing website technology may be very limited with functionality.
  • The company most likely already works in an environment that they are most comfortable and efficient with.

However we take a completely different approach when it comes to existing websites:

  • You are correct, you already do have a website! And you may not require much of a task to accomplish at all… Why completely change your web environment?
  • We evaluate the task you wish to implement, and in most cases provide multiple solutions to help accomplish the functionality and result you are looking for…

99% of the time we can provide a clever solution, or similar result alternative for your existing website.

After 20+ years of experienced professional website development, we have seen nearly every request out there, on nearly all website environments out there…

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